RIFLE COMPANY - FLAMES WAR - - SOVIET SBX50 OF fkwpuv3055-Table Top/Historical

25mm ACW confederate - american civil war 2 guns & crews - art (12524)

An assortment of model paints and brushesGames Workshop Warhammer Dwarves Dragon Slayers Dwarf Metal Champion NIB New OOP25mm renaissance irish - warband 12 figures painted metal - inf (7820)

Citael C31 Chaos Balgorg Balrog Greater Demon Games Workshop Mint Metal FigureBolt Action Soviet Infantry World War II Warlord Games


Space Marine Stormhawk Interceptor - Warhammer 40k - Games Workshop - Unopened

Sword & Sorcery Scarred Lands - The Penumbral Pentagon - Sealed- WW831625mm marlburian french - regiment 16 figures - inf (35488)

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CNN Politics: “Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responds to claim of using “Southern drawl” during a speech before a mostly black crowd”

WAY OF THE DAIMYO - Legend of the Five Rings - Oriental Advnetures - AEG d20 L5R


RIFLE COMPANY - FLAMES WAR - - SOVIET SBX50 OF fkwpuv3055-Table Top/Historical

Kyle Griffin: “Bernie Sanders: “It gives me no pleasure to tell you that we have a president today who is a racist. Who is a sexist. Who is a homophobe. Who is a xenophobe. And who is a religious bigot. I wish I did not have to say that, but that is the damn truth.”  

NEW lord of the rings warhammer rohan Elfhelm Captain of Rohan Foot & Mounted

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GW Warhammer AoS Chaos Archaon the Everchosen Bitz Incomplete

Did Teacher Tell Student To Stop Praying?

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Larp Bag, Leather, Brown, Belt Pouch, Viking, Thor, HammerD&D 3.0 3.5 d20 system Creature Collection Revised Sword & Sorcery

“The principal responded to Perez’s concerns in an email. She said she had spoken to the adults in the lunchroom and that none of them recalled having a conversation with the girl.” “Please know that students are permitted to pray during school,” the principal wrote. “I will remind all staff members of this.”

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The common core builds off these principles to ensure children are getting, as the president frequently says, a ‘fair shot.’  So, if these parents think home-school is the best option for their child, I am for it, and best wishes.

If you want to pray, then pray; however, one can pray within their heart at any time of day.

“And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. (Matthew 6:5).

Warhammer 40k - Imperial Guard Astra Militarium Valkyrie Gunship - Incomplete25mm napoleonic generic - field forge - scenics (12342)