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2 Year Old Found Dead in Hot Car

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While many across America are wrapping up their  Fourth of July holiday weekend festivities, one family in Texas is in morning over the death of their two year old boy. According to police, Sarbesh Gurung’s mother put him down for a nap on Tuesday afternoon. When she went to check on him, he wasn’t there. […]

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The National Hurricane Center (NHC)  has been monitoring an area of potential development in the southeastern United States for some time now; now they believe it is likely a tropical cyclone will form. While most tropical cyclones have origins over open water, they can also occasionally be triggered by weather systems moving across the land. […]

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Tropics Perk Up With Multiple Threats

After a very quiet June, the tropics are perking up with multiple tropical cyclone threat possibilities in both the Atlantic and the Pacific. The remnants of Hurricane Barbara are headed to Hawaii while Tropical Storm Cosme spins about in the Eastern Pacific. Meanwhile, a disturbance located near Tennessee is forecast to head to the Gulf […]

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Next Atlantic Tropical Cyclone May Take Shape Over …Tennessee?

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) has issued a very unusual tropical outlook today, discussing the possibility that the next tropical cyclone for the Atlantic hurricane basin may be initially from an area over land in Tennessee. NHC meteorologist Eric Blake, who worked on the outlook product, said, “One of my favorite outlooks that I’ve issued […]

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Volcanic Eruption & Earthquakes Likely, But No Link

A steady stream of news reports around the world are causing concern: a deadly volcanic explosion in Italy, a raised volcanic alert in Hawaii, two of the strongest earthquakes in 20 years to strike California, and numerous quakes shaking and volcanoes perking up to life around the Ring of Fire in the Pacific. While it […]

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Barbara Likely to Bring Impacts to Hawaii; Cosme Next?

Hurricane Barbara Is forecast to go through a period of rapid weakening today, nevertheless, flooding rains from the remnants of the system will likely impact Hawaii on Monday and Tuesday. As what’s left of Barbara marches west, eyes will also be on a new system forming near where Barbara did. Over time, that could become […]

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